About SKS

School Mission Statement

We at Saint Kateri School strive to continue to develop each child’s relationship with God by promoting a Christ-centered Catholic education focused on the Gospel message of love, responsibility, and service to others

Mission for the Class​

1.  To instill a love for reading and joy for learning in everything the children do
2.  To develop within each child a sense of pride and self-esteem which will enable them to be
risk-takers and confident students unafraid to make mistakes in order to learn
3.  To provide prayerful experiences for each child to strengthen their relationship with God
4.  To develop within each child a sense of responsibility and accountability for their work and actions

Wish List​

Any of the following would be greatly appreciated:

  • School Supplies
    • Cardstock (white)
    • Copy paper (white)
    • Flashdrives (SD cards and/or USBs)
    • Poster board
    • Sticky Tac
    • Laminator/machine
    • Portable air conditioner
    • Portable DVD player
  • Gift cards to the following stores:
    • Barnes and Noble, Target, Dollar Tree, Wegmans, K-Mart, Tim Hortons, Dunkin’ Donuts, Starbucks, Amazon

Many Thanks!

​Warm regards,
Mrs. Wilson