For Parents

Supply List

Download the attached file below for the recommended supply list.

Supply List 2019-2020

Registration Information

Dear Parents and Guardians:

Thank you for choosing a Catholic education for your child. In these difficult economic times, I realize that the cost of tuition may be a difficult and challenging endeavor. Rest assured that your money is put to good use each and every day by providing your child with a faith-based education and daily fostering of academic excellence.

Registration typically begins during Catholic Schools Week in early February. It is my hope that you will not only re-register your child, but invite children of your friends, relatives and neighbors to do so also.   St. Kateri is an excellent learning environment in which children can grow in their love for God while obtaining a strong educational foundation. We look forward to teaching your child in the upcoming school year.   Thank you for your support of and commitment to Catholic education.

Mrs. Wilson

QUESTIONS?  Call St. Kateri School at (585) 467-8730 or the Diocese of Rochester at (585) 328-3228 or email DOR at


Resources/Curricular Material

READING-LANGUAGE ARTS: Scott Foresman: Follows Common Core

We use 3 workbooks: Phonics/Spelling Book, Practice Book, and Grammar/Writing Book.
Each week, you will receive a word list for vocabulary introduced for the week, which you may review with your child.
We will complete 5 textbooks throughout the course of the year.
After the completion of each reader, students will take an assessment test to evaluate their skills.
Students will generally meet in Reading groups daily to read, learn skills, and to complete Reading work.  While one group meets with me, the others will complete independent work at their seats.
Children are encouraged to take their readers home at any time to practice reading fluency and strengthen vocabulary.

Specific skills taught throughout the year:  Phonics (vowels, rhyming, consonants, silent letters, diagraphs included), Vocabulary, study skills, listening and speaking skills, steps in writing process, title and author, parts of a book, characters, main idea, spelling, and grammar (word usage, sentence structure(capitals, periods, exclamations), parts of speech, contractions, synonyms, antonyms, homophones, compounds, root words), letters, polite language, plural nouns

Students will enjoy an author study each month on a specific author.  Literature will also include poetry.

SPELLING: Scott Foresman (integrated with Reading series)

Each Monday, students will be given a pretest to determine their knowledge of their spelling.  This grade will not be recorded, but is simply an indication of words requiring extra review.  You will also receive the weekly Spelling words Monday in the daily work folder that goes home.

Each Friday, there will be a post-test, which will be recorded. Throughout the week, students will complete Spelling workbook pages to reinforce the weekly words.

MATHEMATICS: Pearson Series: Follows Common Core

Students will complete a workbook throughout the year along with many supplemental worksheets and hands-on activities.
Learning basic math facts by memory will be a year-long goal.
Any additional math review you can provide in this area will be appreciated.

Specific skills will include:  number concepts, greater and less than, problem solving, addition and subtraction facts, adding 2 and 3 numbers, number lines, counting backwards, counting by 5’s, 10’s, fractions, doubles and doubles plus one, adding zero, mental math, writing and identifying a number sentence, critical thinking skills, money, time, number sequence, metric measurement, graphing, regrouping, hundreds, tens, and ones

Several manipulatives will be used in Math to make concepts concrete.

RELIGION: Blest Are We Series: Silver-Burdett Ginn Series
Our classes will incorporate use of a workbook, bible passages, and a variety of supplemental resources to support the curriculum.  Children will be introduced to several psalms and scriptures.

Specific Faith Themes:

  • Listening to and talking to God by ourselves or with others through song,dance, and words
  • Seasons: Advent, Lent, Easter, Christmas
  • The Good News
  • The Church
  • Sacraments,
  • Jesus
  • Three Persons in One God
  • God’s creation
  • Our Talents And Gifts
  • Respect of Life
  • The Bible
  • God’s relationship with us

Children will begin each morning with school prayer, intentions, and the Hail Mary and the Our Father.  Children will also say grace before lunch.

Children will learn about Jesus’ great love for them, and will learn about the Church, sacraments, saints, Apostles, Peace and Justice, and community.

Song and movement will be a regular part of their day.

HANDWRITING: Zaner-Bloser Series:

Through use of a workbook, and also with worksheets, children will develop proper printing, and learn to be creative writers.  They will eventually form sentences, stories, and use a journal.


Students will learn about families, community, neighborhoods, citizenship, map and globe skills, cardinal directions, wants and needs, money, goods and services, shelters, technologies, income, transportation, compass rose, symbols, terminology, equator, country, state, continent, city, poles

SCIENCE: Scott-Foresman Series:

Life Science:  plants, animals, environment, soil, life processes

Physical Science:  weather patterns, land, air, water, matter, space, weight, heat and light energy, how sound travels, simple machines, ways to protect environment

Students will perform experiments and other hands-on activities to bring Science concepts to life!

Health will also be taught throughout the year.  Topics will include Safety, proper health habits, dental, Nutrition, Diseases, Ecology, and others


Grading Rubric

Download the attached file below to review the grading rubric.



Q: Do I need to provide a note when my child goes home a different way?
A: YES- please be sure to place this in the folder that is sent home every day

Q: Is there snack time for students daily?
A: Yes, healthy ones are preferred

Q: Are there Spelling tests?
A: Yes, with a Pre-test on Monday, and a Post-test on Friday

Q: When are the specials?
A: A note will be sent home listing each special

Q: What supplies are needed ASAP?
A: Pencils (sharpened), glue sticks, crayons, erasers, tissues, and paper toweling

Q: What should I look for each night when my child arrives home?
A: The daily folder, stuffed with the day’s work and important notes

Q: What is the best way to get in contact if necessary with the teacher?
A: You can communicate with me in many ways.  You can make a phone call to the main office and either schedule a time to meet with me or leave me a message. You can also place a note in your child’s folder, and I will contact you that same day. You may also contact me through email, which I check daily at